Growing your own!

A few months ago we discovered we had rats. Not only were they running a riot in our house and freaking us out with the constant scratching but they had decided to nest under the decking in our garden. So down it all came, leaving a ruddy great mass of mud in its place. After much deliberation, we decided to turn that soil and make our very own mini allotment. Given that I only tend to eat a select amount of veg, for low carb purposes, and that we only ever buy organic veg, which of course and rather annoyingly, is more expensive, we thought we would give it a go.

We most certainly did sow our seeds and the results have been extraordinary. Most of it was guess work, but by George, we have harvested and are continuing to harvest an actual crop.

⬆️ Courgettes from our garden!

Every time I walk into the garden and spot another courgette, I literally feel like I’m welcoming a new baby into the World. We must be getting at least 4/5 a day now, which is fantastic for a gal who eats grain free, low carb foods. The creativity is flowing and we are literally eating courgettes for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

I am so grateful to our Earth, for allowing me to grow such beautiful food and knowing that the vegetables I’m cooking don’t have any pesticides or chemicals on them, makes me feel so much better. I actually feel like I’m giving something back to the land.

Yummy courgette flowers, ready for stuffing and devouring:)

So, A few of us Mums at school have started an allotment swap, which is great. I swapped a few of my green courgettes for a huge yellow one 👇

I decided to scoop out the insides and stuff with broccoli rice, fresh mint, red onion, some green courgettes and mushrooms.

I fried off all the ingredients in coconut oil, with plenty of salt n pepper.

Whilst that was cooking I covered the hollowed out courgette in coconut oil, seasoned and popped in the oven for about 20 minutes.

Then i stuffed with the mixture and popped it back in the oven for about 20 mins @200 fan asst.

It really was delicious. I sliced in half and served with a nutty avocado salad.

Courgettes are full of nutrients, including vitamin C and B vitamins. They are anti inflammatory, so great for digestion. Low in carbohydrates and a great source of potassium and antioxidants.

They are so versatile too. I make courgetti spaghetti, courgette and almond flour quiche and my favourite, courgette fritters.

I mean, yum!!

So, here’s to growing your own. Oh and you really don’t need a big garden to do so. Planters work too. We don’t have a huge plot at all & we are growing about 5 different vegetables.

Taking down the decking, and as you can see, it’s not a huge space. Just right for growing a few veg though.

I will be posting some new recipes, inspired by the wonderful veg in my garden 💚

Have a great week!

Love Coral xxx


Chilli & coriander courgetti balls of yum!

Firstly, huge apologies for the lack of any blogposts. I have been a busy Beed, creating new recipes, writing an Ebook and finalising details for some raw bake demos. Oh and just the every day life stuff, that always seems to get in the way!!

So we are in May, the blossom is blooming, the Sun is attempting to shine and our vitamin D levels are on the up, yay. About time, I say!

So, it’s been a while since I’ve posted any recipes. I’ve been spending so much time tweaking and tasting, that I really haven’t had time to post. However, One recipe which is a massive crowd pleaser in my house, is courgetti balls. They are grain free, gluten free and low in carbs. Perfect with a rich bolognese sauce or just served on their own with a lemony dip.

They are so simple to make & utterly delicious.

What you need

2 tbsp coconut oil

X2 grated courgettes

1 cup almond flour

1 egg/ flax to replace

1/4 cup chopped coriander

2/3 tsp chilli flakes

Salt n pepper


Take your grated courgette and place in a tea towel. Ring all of the moisture out. This is important, otherwise you’ll have very soggy balls!

In a bowl, add all the ingredients and mix well. Roll your mixture into small balls and then fry for about 25/30 mins in the coconut oil, turning every 5 minutes.

Serve and devour!

A quick, tasty Tuesday teaser for you 🙂

In my next blogpost, I will post the details of my raw bake demos and ebook subscription.

Love Coral xxx

Living with chronic pain

Chronic pain will take hold and not let go. It’s clever this pain, it can’t be seen, so you take the drugs to ‘please god, make it stop’ but it doesn’t find the cause. It doesn’t go away. It lingers. Very rarely, it will give you a break but most of the time, it’s there to stay.

‘Burnt out all the time, Pressure weighing on my mind. Can’t speak, longing to seek, the answers to a dreadful week. Look fine, I’m told most days, when inside is a lonely haze, of numbing pain, so ingrained, this enormous ball of migraine.’



Positive thinking

Food has really been my saviour. I’ve taken advice and cut this and that and for the most part, it works. I’ve loved the food journey I’ve been on, developing recipes and using my creative juices to make truly beautiful food, but I’ve entered a new phase of eating and am having to cut yet more foods out, to see if it will make a difference and stop the pain triggers. Cutting out does not mean losing out and denying yourself taste and enjoyment. I’m constantly asked whether I get enough protein or how I get flavour into food, especially as I’m quite limited to what I eat now.

So here goes…..this is what I don’t eat: Grains, refined sugar (although sometimes it sneaks in-I’m only human) High starchy carbs. The nightshade family ( these are the new ‘cut out’ foods & will be blinking hard to stick to) Tomatoes, peppers, aubergines, cayenne pepper & paprika) I also need to cut down on dairy.

Yep, it’s a freaking lot of can’t does but I truly do believe that you can heal from the inside and by putting goodness in, in a naturopathic, wholesome way. Using amazing spices and flavours to give to the food you can eat, you won’t feel like you’re losing out.

One of my staples, is my grain free loaf ⬇️

An alternative, is my smaller loaf, which is a bit lighter and goes so beautifully with my delicious coconut cream and smoked mackerel pate.

Really nice with almond butte, maple syrup & blueberries


1 cup almond flour

2 eggs( flax to replace if vegan)

1 tsp gluten free baking powder

Salt ( pinch of Himalayan salt)

I add some mixed herbs de Provence (about 2 tsp)


Blend all the ingredients and pour into a ones loaf tin. Bake on about 180 fan asst for 25 mins.

For the smoked mackerel pate


1 responsibly caught smoked mackerel fillet

2 tbsp coconut cream( the thick part at the top of the carton)

Chilli flakes


Flake off the mackerel into the coconut cream. Mix well but leave fairly chunky. Spread on the bread and top with chilli flakes.

So there you go, just a couple of grain free beauties to start you off.

Always remember, that however big the hurdle, you will always get over it and find a way ❤️

Feed your soul with those that love you and who hold space for you. Who ‘get it’ and who take the steps with you.


Go well beautiful people, Cxxxxx



Sweet treats without the sugar!

I can’t believe it’s February and I haven’t written a blogpost yet this Year, shocking! Time, it just goes too fast.

I’m not ashamed to say that my lack of posts has been down to no time and my ridiculous fascination with being perfect. Being a true Virgo (if you believe in all that) means my perfectionist nature really does get in the way sometimes. That and not really getting the great ‘Ooh, it’s the New Year’ boost I was expecting and therefore sinking into the January Blues hole that seems to take so many of us…..Well, says it all really. Thank goodness for journaling and my new glasses!

The one thing that hasn’t suffered is my cooking, thank goodness. My happy place really is the kitchen and not in a ‘I’m chained to the kitchen sink, in a 50’s style’ kind of way, but in a joyous, creating more yummy recipes kind of way. I’ve certainly had to get creative with my sons idea of eating. Sneaking 8 million veggies into my pasta sauce and no refined sugar into his sweet snacks, the latter being the hardest by the way. Sugar honestly is the devil and minutes after my son has it, he turns into some kind of Tasmanian devil. It ain’t pretty, I can tell you.

Healthy krispie cakes

These were yummy!!

Lovely with a creamy organic coffee 🙂

People laugh at me when I say you can make healthy chocolate or healthy sweet treats that actually taste good. I just shove one of my caramel slices at them or a choc pot and wait for the ‘Are you sure there’s no sugar in this?!’ Don’t get me wrong, I do add dates and mainly maple syrup to my food, which are sweet, so you need to be careful about cramming the whole tin in your mouth at once. This would not be good. I use natural ingredients though, with nutritional properties and no nasties. Soooooo much better and tastier in my opinion.

Give them a try, I promise you won’t be disappointed:)

Short but ever so sweet post tonight…..I promise I’ll be back soon. Have a great week xxx

Food to make you go mmmmmmmmmmm!! 

Food to make you go mmm mmm mmm. Oh yes, it’s getting colder, the nights are drawing in, we are weighed down by the extreme amounts of knitwear we are wearing and my goodness the cravings have started!! I don’t know about you but as soon as I’m cold, I crave carbs, chocolate and basically any junk food I can get my hands on! STAY AWAY FROM THE JUNK FOOD!! Of course I allow myself this fall from grace from time to time , but gawd do I regret it, usually in the form of a migraine or a crampy stomach. So, the best way to avoid these devilish cravings, is to be prepared. Stock up that cupboard and get making some healthy but delicious treats that won’t send a blood spiking rocket where the sun don’t shine and will satisfy the sweet and carb void you so wish to fill.

Spicy smoked paprika & tomato soup

I find that I have to rearrange my larder on the lead up to Christmas. Summer is all about getting creative with salads and dips and light bites, whereas Winter is a completely different story. For me it’s all about warming foods that properly fill you up. Soups, stews, bakes and roasts, with a large helping of stodgy puds. Batch cooking really comes into its own, leaving us more time to snuggle up in front of the fire ( like that happens all the time!)

Healthy fats will fuel our fires, so stop with the low-fat and get eating full fat nutrient rich foods. Get your bodies in pristine shape from the inside and you will seriously reap the benefits from the outside.


Sliced aubergine margarita pizzas 

As Christmas approaches we all like a good old measure of mulled wine and a few too many mince pies. That’s ok, it really is. Don’t beat yourself up if you fall off the sugar wagon. Just try and be mindful and maybe get baking your own alternatives. Shop bought deserts and bakes are unfortunately loaded with sugar and other nasties, which is kind of why I started making my own puddings. I cannot afford to mess with my blood sugars, so home made is definitely the way to go in my house. They usually taste so much better than shop bought bits too. So, healthy and delicious, you can’t go wrong.

Goji berry & cacao choc torte  (check in recipes)

So, to tickle your Winter fancies, here are a couple of recipes to get you kick started…..

Chilli & smoked paprika soup 


1Tblsp coconut oil

1 large red onion

1 large courgette

A handful of mushrooms

1 red bell pepper

1 700g bottle of organic passata

1/2 pint veg stock

About 4 large beef tomatoes

1 tsp smoked paprika

2 tsp chilli powder

2 tsp mixed herbs

1/2 tsp cinnamon

Bunch of fresh basil

Generous helping of salt and pepper

(I never cook with garlic because I am allergic to it, so with all of my recipes, you can add garlic, if you wish :))


In a large pan, fry your onion (and garlic if you are using) in the coconut oil. After about 3 minutes, add the rest of the veg and all the dried spices and herbs. Stir well and then add the chopped beef tomatoes. After about 5 mins pop the passata and stock in the pan, along with the fresh basil. Season well and cook down on a medium heat for about 25 minutes. I always taste along the way and normally add more seasoning and chilli. The tomatoes need to cook down for a good while, to get rid of the acidity. Simmer for a further 25/30 mins, you want the mixture cook down so it’s not too thin.

Blend in a mixer and then serve 🔥

Aubergine based margarita pizza 


1 tbsp coconut oil

1 large aubergine sliced length ways

1 large red onion

4 roughly chopped beef tomatoes

1/2 bottle passata (about 350g)

1/4 pint veg stock

Large bunch fresh basil

2 generous tsp herbs de Provence

1/2 tsp cinnamon

Grated cheese ( I used cheddar but you can use mozzarella too)

Salt and pepper

Start by making your tomato base. Throw all your ingredients in a pan, frying the onion first, and cook down for about 30 mins. Keep tasting and season accordingly. You want the mixture to be fairly thick.

Slice your aubergine length ways, about 1/2 inch thick. I rub a little bit of coconut oil on them and then lay flat on a large baking tray.

Once your sauce is ready, spoon the mixture onto the aubergine and top with the cheese.

Cook in a preheated oven at 200 fan asst, for about 20 mins, or until the top is nice and brown.

Serve with a pine nut and rocket salad 🙂

So, there you are. A couple of winter warmers. Quick, simple and so yummy.

Check my Instagram next week for some ‘Cook along with Coral’ vids. Happy Tuesday all Cxxxx

Super gooey Goji Berry & Seed Protein Bars……

Let’s just talk about these utterly delicious goji berry and seed bars. They are grainfree, vegan and refined sugar free. A one bowl wonder and so easy to make. A nutritional bundle of energy basically.

Time is always of the essence, along with finding foods which won’t upset my gut or my head. Combine the two and you have these. Packed full of Chia seeds containing Omega-3 fatty acids (good fats) Magnesium rich pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds full of B vitamins and packed with Vitamin E, not to mention the divine Goji Berry, containing Antioxidants and amazing immune system boosting nutrients. And that’s only half the ingredients.

These were bars I made without goji berries and a little more turmeric, still yummy! 

These are healthy but don’t lack the most important, taste factor. Great for a mid morning energy boost or crumbled onto natural yoghurt for breakfast.

You will need one bowl, one pan and one loaf tin. That’s it!


1/3 cup pumpkin seeds

1/3 cup hemp hearts

1/2 cup sunflower seeds

1/4 cup Chia seeds

1/4 cup Shredded coconut

1 tbsp coconut oil (melted)

2 tsp cinnamon

1/2 tsp turmeric powder

1/4 cup almond butter

4/5 tbsp maple syrup


Grab a large bowl and simply mix in all of your ingredients, making sure the mixture is totally combined.

Then pour into your grease proof paper lined loaf tin. Pop into the freezer for about 30 mins, then take out and slice into bars, or squares.

Keep them in the freezer and take out as and when…..Enjoy!!!

Comfort food to make your mouth water…..

Autumn is here, with its mulled coloured leaves and mulchy woodland walks. Sun kissed tree tops and chilly darkened nights. Open fires to warm your toes……

I mean, any excuse to put on chunky knit jumpers and wellie boots, right!

And then there’s Halloween, pumpkin carving and comfort food galore.

Comfort food 

After 3 Months of continuous migraines, a dry socket due to a tooth extraction and very low mental health, comfort food has been just the ticket. When you’re feeling low, you need food that puts its arms around you, hugs you tight and makes you feel warm and satisfied.

Roasted red pepper, aubergine & cauliflower dip 

This was so delicious and super easy. I love roasting veg, you literally chuck everything in a roasting pan, cook for 30 mins and voila…..a meal in itself or as an accompaniment. Perfect. I puréed this and stuffed an aubergine with it, then drizzled chilli oil over it. ”Twas a taste sensation.


3 tbsp coconut oil

1 head of a cauliflower (in small flourettes)

1 large red pepper

1 large red onion

1 large aubergine

1 large courgette

3 tsp paprika ( or enough to coat veg)

3 tsp chilli flakes

2 tsp cinnamon

Plenty of salt and pepper


Put your coconut oil into a deep roasting dish and pop into a preheated oven (200 fan asst) Roughly chop all of your veg and then add to the melted oil. Coat the veg in the spices and season well.

I usually cook for about 25 mins and then stir the veg and cook for a further 10 or so minutes. You want the veg soft but not burnt.

Once cooked, blitz in a blender and add a bit of chilli oil and some chilli flakes. It works as a dip, filling or even a spread.

And if you don’t want it blended, leave it rustic and have it with some harissa spiced mackerel ⬇️

I hope you enjoy 🙂

Keep a look out for more warming recipes. Happy Thursday to you all Cxx

Chilli to warm the cockles…..

What has happened to that bright yellow round ball which illuminates the sky and gives us a warming hug with its rays??!! Well it’s been replaced by its evil twin Rain McShane & Windy wind up, that’s what!

Time to get cooking some food to warm us from the inside out. Which leads on very nicely to the gorgeous bowl of chilli I made for my beloved this week.

I don’t as a rule eat legumes, because they are a slightly higher carb and I have to watch my carb intake, due to rising blood sugars. Joel, on the other hand is the total opposite, he works out a lot and needs to boost his very fast metabolism with higher carbs, proteins and fibre.

This is a great recipe. A throw it all in a pot or slow cooker kind of meal. Great the day after too.

Bean & Chickpea Chilli


1 tin/ carton chopped tomatoes

1 large red onion (chopped)

2 carrots (chopped)

1 carton black beans

1 carton chickpeas

1 carton red beans

1 1/2 cups mushrooms

( you can add a chopped red bell pepper too, I didn’t this time but it does work)

1 tbsp coconut oil

3 tsp chilli powder (you can use fresh chilli too)

3 tsp paprika

1 tsp cinnamon

Salt and pepper

1 pint veg stock


Melt the coconut oil In a large pan and add all the spices along with the onion. Fry off for about 5 minutes and then add the other veg. Stir for another 5 minutes and then add the tomatoes. Season well. Add 1/2 of  the stock and then simmer for about 20 minutes. Keep tasting, I nearly always add more chilli or spices along the way. I love my food hot.

Once the sauce has reduced down a bit, add the beans and chickpeas. Stir and leave to simmer for about 20 more minutes. Add more stock and seasoning if you feel you need to.

Once the sauce is thick and the taste is a deep and rich, the chilli should be done.

I served it with sweet potato slices and a coriander and yoghurt dip, with a little grated cheddar. It would be nice with cauliflower rice and some chopped avocado too.

For the sweet potato, just slice (skin on) into discs, smother in coconut oil, salt and pepper and cook in the oven until crispy. About 25/30 mins at 180 fan asst.

The yoghurt dip is delicious. Just add 2 tbsp of full fat Greek yoghurt to a bowl with chopped coriander, a squeeze of lemon juice and some chilli flakes. Yum!

Enjoy this nearly Winter warmer:)

Happy Tuesday all Cxx