Lemon, coconut & almond protein balls…..

So I tried a variation on these last week, thanks to my friend and was instantly taken by how light and zesty they tasted. A really nice change from the usual cacao protein balls I make.

They are so simple to make and are packed full with flavour and nutritional goodness. Lots of so-called power bars or energy bites on the market, are unfortunately loaded with sugar and gluten, to name but a few ingredients. They may well contain protein but are packed out with things like maltodextrin, a filler known to spike blood sugars because of its high glycemic index, or fructose, another ingredient which is not great for our bodies. Given that the only organ in our bodies to utilise it, and not in a good way, is the liver. Over eating of fructose can cause the liver to overload, turning the fructose into fat. Always check the ingredients but better still, just make your own protein bars.

So to my balls………


1 cup ground almonds

Grated rind of 1 lemon/ Orange works too

7 medjool dates

1 tbsp coconut oil

1 tbsp chia seeds

1 1/2 tbsp dedicated coconut

Pinch of salt


Pop all of your ingredients into a blender and mix for about 15 seconds or until the mixture holds together.

Roll into balls and then pop in the freezer.

No nasties, just pure protein from the almonds and chia seeds and natural sugars from the dates. A seriously great choice of snack for energy and nutritional value.

Happy Tuesday all xxx


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