The benefits of spicing up your life! 

Tomato & coriander curry on cumin, chilli and cinnamon infused broc-cauli rice

I love spice. The hotter the better actually, but not at the expense of taste. I spent a few months in India about 10 Years ago and was totally blown away by the use of wonderfully colourful, natural ingredients and how spice was used to enhance The dishes. Having only ever eaten Indian food in the UK, I realised just how unauthentic it tasted and how it nearly always gave me a bad tummy. In India everything tasted so fresh, full of flavour and was incredibly cleansing.

Curried roasted cauliflower & chilli hot tomato chutney 

Since finding alternatives to pasta, rice and potatoes, I’ve definitely rediscovered my love of herbs and spices, from jazzing up Swede, to infusing cauliflower rice. You can never have too much flavour in my opinion  and it more than often comes from spices such as, cumin, turmeric, paprika, cinnamon and chilli. I am allergic to garlic, so I really needed to find ways to inject flavour into my meals. As always I would throw ‘a bit of this and a bit of that’ at the pot and wait to see if it had worked. After a couple of attempts, I found the spices that worked and they have turned out to be the base for most of my curries.

The benefits of spice 

Cumin- Is known to boost the immune-system, aid digestion and help with insomnia, respiratory issues and dermatological complaints.

Cinnamon- is fantastic for any inflammatory conditions, packed full of antioxidants, fights infections and diabetes.

Chilli powder- is extremely powerful stuff and can improve insulin levels, contains a huge amount of vitamin C, great for your hair and skin and can seriously boost energy levels.

Paprika- is loaded with carotenoids. vitamin A, vitamin E and is packed with iron.

Cardamom- Cardamom is part of the ginger family and helps with digestion, gut health, bloating, constipation and heartburn.

Turmeric- This is most definitely the ‘superfood’ of the spice World. It contains huge medicinal properties, is an extremely powerful anti-inflammatory and hugely high in antioxidants. It has been known to work as an anti-depressant and to help with arthritic conditions. Taken with black pepper, it is more easily absorbed.

Cayenne pepper- Regulates blood sugars within the body and aids digestion. Relieves tired muscles, can reduce your appetite and help with weight loss. It also helps with respiratory issues by opening the airways.

So not only does spice enhance flavour but it is so damn good for you. Quite frankly, it should be quaffed every blinking day!

In the next couple of days I shall be posting some new recipes to tantalise those tastebuds, all with spice in mind 🙂

Have a great evening all 🌶 Cxx


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