How to heal the right way…..

To say it’s been a crazy few weeks, would be an huge understatement. I have found myself sinking into self pity at times, as I entered what has been the worst migraine episode I’ve ever encountered. This has resulted in a fair few trips to the Doctors and a lot of time spent in bed, dealing with horrendous, debilitating pain. I have been able to manage my migraines for some time now, by cutting down on carbohydrates and sugar and eating more healthy fats. I feel so much better, fitter and more in control of my body, than ever before. Which is why it is so frustrating to still have these chronic pain episodes. So, not one to be defeated, I decided to try cranial osteopathy. I have scoliosis and was wondering if this was having an effect on my head. The results were extremely alarming and after the first treatment, it most definitely was a ‘get worse before better’ scenario. Not good. It was, however, enlightening to be seen by someone who totally read my body and could treat it accordingly.

The worst part of being so poorly is of course the pain but also the aftermath of a migraine. The Postdrome phase. You are unable to form sentences, are so fuzzy headed and feel unbelievably exhausted. My love for cooking and baking had to take a back seat too, which was hugely upsetting. Thanks to my beloved family and friends, we did eat, phew! I just had to relinquish control for a while :(.

What’s next?

A brain scan, a neurologist appointment and more treatment. Best to rule stuff out and then move on methinks……in the meantime however, meditation, good, feed the soul food, long mindful walks and plenty of positive affirmations will get me through.

Oh and getting back in my domain, the kitchen. I’ve cooked a few batches of my delicious caramel slices recently & administered them to those in need, including myself.

Everyone goes through tough times, we are all human. I think that’s why I’ve written this post really. Staying positive and thinking healthy, will give you hope. And hope is so important, it gives you the strength to continue… to you all 🙂


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