Why eat fat first thing? 

Cauliflower patties topped with happy eggs and mushrooms

When I became grain-free I really struggled with breakfast options. I mean not only am I grain-free but low carb too, so in my mind, I was left with little choice. Well, blow me down, how wrong was I!

Why eat fat first thing? 

Eating healthy fats like coconut oil are essential for feeding your body and setting it up for the rest of the day. It speeds up your metabolism and will give you that much required energy. Despite what modern medicine would have us believe about fat, it is not stored as fat in our bodies. It is a food to fuel and burn.

Nuts, eggs, full-fat yoghurt, to name but a few, are perfect breakfast foods. Healthy fats and proteins to keep you nice and full, but boosting your metabolism at the same time.

Yoghurt pots

I love a yoghurt pot. For breakfast I add nuts (mainly walnuts, pine nuts & ground almonds) cinnamon, chia seeds and a little flaxseed to a couple of heaped tbsps of full fat Greek natural yoghurt. It’s so delicious and incredibly filling.

If I have a yoghurt pot for lunch, I’ll add raspberries, goji-berries and blueberries. I never have fruit first thing, as the sugar spike from even natural sugars can increase blood sugar levels. Fruits are healthy in many ways but they also contain carbohydrates, which turn to sugar. They are best eaten from mid-morning onwards, once the stomach is lined with healthy fats. As a migraine sufferer, this increased blood sugar would definitely trigger an episode, so I steer clear.

Sometimes I even add cacao or a crumbled protein ball (recipe on the blog) into the pot. Not in my morning pot may I add. Simply divine too!

Eggs any which way really. I usually go for a scrambled egg, red onion and mushroom omelette with herbs and chilli flakes. Garnished with tomatoes in coconut oil and cinnamon.

Sometimes, if I’m lucky, there will be leftover courgette fritters or cauliflower patties. (Recipes on the blog) Just reheat in coconut oil. They are so yummy and again, satisfyingly filling.

Courgette fritters 

Cauliflower patties 

Or a simple slice of almond & flax bread with lashings of almond butter. Great for digestion and stimulating your morning movements……😉 Almonds lower blood sugar levels, are packed with healthy fats and promote weightloss, reducing hunger and helping with lowering cholesterol.

Almond and flaxseed bread 

If we all fuelled our bodies this way, we wouldn’t crave nasties like crisps and chocolate through the day. Our bodies would be working slowly, metabolising the wonderful healthy fats around our bodies, reducing said cravings and giving us an abundance of energy…..it’s a no brainer!

Roll on breakfast time……..cxxx


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