A bake a day…..

Leek & cauliflower cheese bake 

The days are definitely feeling warmer but the nights still have a chill to them, So I’m still clinging on to the Wintry stews and bakes that I love so much. I mean you can literally throw anything in a dish and top with cheddar and you just know it will be super yummy. I use separate dishes for my little one and it goes down a treat. Or you can make a huge one and eat it for the next few days.

This week I’ve made a leek and cauliflower bake. Which is basically red onion, red pepper and leeks sautéed in coconut oil and herbs. Mix in 1 blitzed cauliflower (small flourettes) Make a creamy cheese sauce by adding 1 cup of cream cheese to a pan with about 6 tsps of butter, stir for 10 mins, add a little milk, then pour over your veg. Pop in a baking dish and cover with grated cheddar. Grill until the cheese is crispy and light brown. (See picture)

”Twas rather yummy.

Swede & aubergine bake 

Next, was my swede and aubergine bake. I usually have a batch of tomato broth made up, (recipe for my broth is a few blogs back) which I heat up and layer imbetween the Swede and aubergine. You need to cook the Swede first. Boil for about 35 mins then place the slices over your broth, adding slices of aubergine too. Layer until you run out of slices. Then top with cheese and bake in the oven for about 25 mins.

Creamy leek and courgetti bake 

And finally, this beauty. I used thinly sliced courgette for this and fried it off with red onion, mushrooms and leeks. Then added my creamy cheese sauce (see above) you can serve straight away, with some grated cheese on top or you can bake for 20 mins if you want a crunchy cheese topping.

Basically, like I said before, you can virtually throw anything at a bake and it will be blinking delicious.

Happy baking 🙂 Cx


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