Reasons to be cheerful….

Well, Spring has sprung, we’ve had International happiness day and today marks International Day of forests…..and as if that isn’t enough, the whole of March is National Nutrition Month.

Can I hear a heck yeah to all of those!

Talking of nutrition, I’ve been pretty perplexed over the last few weeks. There seems to be so many ‘get quick results diets’ out there and a huge amount of people signing up for them. I get why, I really do but it worries me. They all seem to be about weightloss and calorie control. Certain brands seem to enroll a kind of child catcher esq (chitty, chitty bang bang style) attitude to there sale pitches ‘take these wonder pills, they will change your life’. They may well help you lose weight, but at the expense of your vital organs. I looked into a few brands and was shocked to see some of the other, not mentioned so much, ingredients in these pills, chocolate bars and shakes. Soya, fructose(sugar) to name but a few. In one brands so called ‘meal in a chocolate bar’ it had 16.6g of sugar. Then you have the huge companies, claiming low-fat and low in sugar foods are what you must eat. If you don’t eat fat, good fats, what will the body run on? The truth is, we need fat as our energy source, that way we burn it and don’t store it.

I guess it’s each to their own at the end of the day. I know what I would prefer to eat and a pill it isn’t. Being healthy, strong and eating tasty meals full of love is way easier to maintain in the long run.

Our allotment 🙂 That’s my happy place, where’s yours?
Happy Tuesday Cxx


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