5 steps to a happier you! 


Stop what you’re doing, sit down and breathe. Think about where you are, where you’ve come from and how you feel. In that moment, just be. Forget about the dishes, that appointment you’re rushing to get to, and just stop. Count to 10, re-stock and off you go…..


When we listen, we truly learn. About ourselves and about the people around us. If you listen correctly, you’re reactions are based on truth. Communication is restored and that is so important, in learning and in our reactions.


Never be afraid to speak. Shout if you have to. Make yourself heard. The hustle and bustle of life can carry us away and in a blink of an eye, the moment has gone. Seize your words, own them and get them out there!


It can take a lot of practise to truly love yourself. It’s difficult to look at yourself and love what you see. Try. So much comes from within and building your own blocks is so important. We are all faced with hurdles, so loving, or even liking yourself will help you jump higher. It may seem unnatural at first, as we are so accustomed to thinking of the negative, but allow yourself to think of all the things that make you smile about yourself and start from there….small steps 🙂


You can do it. Whatever it is, whenever it is. Especially if you STOP, LISTEN, SPEAK and LOVE YOURSELF. Follow those mantras and live the life you’ve always imagined. 

Happy Sunday one and all ❤


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