5 Tips to beating the Winter blues……

This week began with Birthdays, bakes, cakes and a breezy stroll along the prom. Just fantastic. I love living near the sea, it seems to balance me and always clears my mind. Come rain or shine, it always delivers. Looks good and the sea air feels good…….Looking forward to a bit of Sun, mind you. I am seriously feeling the lack of vitamin D on my skin.

Here are my 5 tips to beating the Winter blues…

1. Vitamin D

This time of Year we are seriously lacking in Vitamin D. The sun is very low in the sky and not strong enough for our bodies to absorb anywhere near enough. So replenish yourself with Vitamin D rich foods, such as salmon, oily fish (such as mackerel) hard boiled eggs, Almond milk, fresh orange juice and mushrooms.

2. Get some exercise! 

You don’t have to go mad at the gym to feel good, a simple walk will get those endorphins going.

3. Fresh air

Even though you may not feel like leaving your warm and toasty home, a blast of fresh air will exhilarate you and blow those Wintry cobwebs away.

4. Meditate 

You hear the word meditation and immediately think of hippies in a circle chanting. Science has proven that meditation is one of the most beneficial ways of resetting your mind, finding balance and is an overall healing tool. You can sit, lay down or even walk. Take 5 mins or 5 hours. There is no rule. Just take the time and invest in it. It will be worth it.

5. Indulge 

Whatever it is that tickles your fancy and makes you feel good. Do that. A trip to the cinema, a nice meal out. Booking that last minute trip to wherever. Just do it!

So go forth and embrace this rather cold February. I will be posting some more tasty treats in the week.

Happy Sunday, Cx


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