Sweet fix Sunday 

Oh blimey, is anyone else struggling to stay warm? I woke early this morning, braved the -2 temperatures and went on a rather exhilarating power walk. Yes, I am that person, wiggling my bottom furiously, taking small strides, smiling and almost bopping along the road. Well, it gets you going, I can tell you. Over the years, I’ve tried all sorts of exercise and I always come back to walking. It’s more gentle on the joints, calms my mind and works my whole body. I had Arcade Fire in my ears and a big smile on my face.

I got home, showered and really fancied something sweet. So what better than a big bowl of full fat Greek yoghurt, organic raspberries and pear purée. Topped with cinnamon, chia seeds, pine nuts and walnuts. This is so delicious and totally satisfied my sweet tooth.

Go to my Ingredients list to find out the health benefits of these yummy foods.

Have a great Sunday! Cx


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