The best intentions

So the New Year is here and with it a tonne of resolutions and lets face it, unachievable goals. Not wanting to sound negative but too many times we set ourselves up to feel so worthless because we haven’t been able to achieve what we wanted. ‘A New Year, A New me’ Hmmm, really? Does that work? Why not try making your goal smaller. I try to move Month to Month, with small intentions and a jolly good plan in place.
Because a goal isn’t worth setting, without a plan. You can make bold statements about what you want but you need to back it up. This can be so hard for the more creative of us. I regularly live my life in the clouds, dreaming of World peace but never knowing how to make this happen. It becomes so frustrating. Having small, achievable goals, will inevitably make you feel better and way more accomplished in the end.

The past few months have been exhausting and truth be told, I basically burnt myself out. Taking the decision to Home Educate my son, was a huge turning point in my life and mostly positive but sometimes I find myself totally tired out, with nothing more to give the other parts of my life. So, Christmas came at the right time. I was forced to stop and reevaluate. I asked myself what I needed to do in order to be happy and fulfilled. I started volunteering for a fantastic charity called ‘Don’t Hate, Donate.Something Ive always wanted to do, is give something back. I kept asintention.jpgking myself how I could do this and then, one day, I just did it. No questions asked, I just collected donations and got stuck in. Playing a part in helping humanity, albeit a small part, humbled me and made me realise that thats where my heart is. So Christmas became about so much more than just giving and receiving presents, which made me feel so much better and definitely had a knock on effect in terms of my family.

So, to the now………For me, its about making life simpler, reigning in the desire to rush. Spending time with the people who enrich your life, forgiving those who drain you but stepping away from them. Learning to say no and time management.

I’d be so interested in reading your intentions, so please comment below.

I’m working on some more heartwarming recipes, so watch this space…….Cxx




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