Every day is like Sunday’

Last night I went to my school reunion, which was just brilliant. Having not seen these people for 26 Years, It was great to reminisce and talk about our lives now. Much fun was had, with the help of a few glasses of prosecco. We put the World to rights and laughed until our sides hurt.

So, today has been a restful day. Time to think about the week ahead, get organised. Nothing worse than waking up on a Monday without a plan of action. Even though I home educate Billy and we don’t work to a lot of structure,  I still like to have a few options up my sleeve. Halloween saw us creating beautiful pictures, getting messy with pumpkins and meeting up with friends for Autumnal walks. 24E0B08C-8BDD-4D9F-A955-F275211A718A.jpg

Given the poignancy of Rememberance Sunday, next week we will be discussing War. How it effects us now and where we have come through history because of it……

Comfort Food

After a late night and a couple of glasses of prosecco, comfort food was the order of the day. So, after a healthy, cooked breakfast of organic bacon, eggs and my delicious almond and flaxseed bread, I was feeling ready to rock. IMG_2869 2.jpg


After catching up on paperwork, I found myself back in the kitchen, Much to my families delight. A few hours later, a feast of spicy vegetable broth was presented and wolfed down rather quickly. Delicious with sprinkles of chilli flakes on top. IMG_3071.jpg

Vegetable and chilli broth


tbsp coconut oil

2 carrots

1 large red onion

2 leeks

1 large courgette

A handful of broccoli flourettes

A large handful of fresh coriander

2 tsp chilli flakes

2 tsp mixed dried herbs

A pint and a half of vegetable stock

himalayan sea salt and pepper to season

Mature cheddar (enough to grate over the top of your bowl)


Roughly chop all of your vegetables , you want chunky pieces.

Heat up the coconut oil in a large saucepan, throw all the vegetables, herbs and chilli flakes in.Season well and fry off for about 10 mins. Add your stock, bring to the boil and simmer for about 25 minutes. Serve with grated cheese and enjoy!

Delicious as a chunky broth or you could blitz in a food blender for a more soup like texture.

Any questions, please comment in the box below

Happy Sunday to you all, Cx





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