The Beginning

First of all, welcome to Healthy Hub.

I’m Coral and this blog is about my life as a home-educating mum of one. In search of a healthy, happy lifestyle, using clean foods and mindfulness. Most of my recipes will be gluten, wheat, grain, refined sugar and soy free. Lower on carbs and high in good fats and protein. A ketogenic diet with a twist.

About three Years ago I was diagnosed with peri-menopause. I was experiencing hot flushes, night sweats and  acute migraines. I lost all concentration and suffered horrific mood swings. A migraine would last for up to four days and deem me bed bound, which was hugely troublesome, given my little boy was an energetic three year old and I was a single parent.

I started off going down the orthodox route, in terms of medicating my migraines. I was prescribed triptans and anti-depressants, to name but a few. They would take the pain away but totally floor me, leaving me feeling sluggish and disorientated. My body became immune to most of these drugs and each time I suffered an attack, I would have to take so many tablets to numb the pain. I ended up in hospital twice, which was terribly frightening. My skin was breaking out and my overall health was not in a good way, not to mention my mental health.

So I decided I had to do something, seek advice from a more unorthodox source.I went to see an alternative medical practitioner, who asked me everything from what my childhood had been like to how firm my stool was.I felt counselled and cleansed after speaking with her. Finally someone to listen and not just numb the problem but find the source.

This is where my journey into health and nutrition began. I had always been healthy, or so I thought. I was told that if I cut out sugars, grains, wheat and gluten, my migraines would dissipate. They did. I was told to lower my carbohydrates and increase my fats.

I started to get creative with food and found a real love for inventing recipes and sourcing new ingredients to use. Which is what inspired me to start a blog, so I can share, not only my love of food but the full meaning of gut health and how everything starts from there. If I can cure something that was truly debilitating with what goes into my body, other than man-made drugs, then every aspect of my life would become enriched.


As a home educator, I lead a very busy life. We work formally ( in the loosest terms) at home and go to regular Home Ed meet ups most days. My energy levels are so important to me, so I find myself eating small and often, all day. I will always make too much dinner, so I can take some with me wherever we end up the next day. Apart from breakfast, lunch and dinner, I am always armed with energy boosting foods, such as protein balls and nuts to see me through the day.

One of my favourite foods to cook with is Swede. Its low on carbs, fills you up and is a very tasty alternative to potato or sweet potato. Both of which are very high on carbs. Its delicious roasted with smoked paprika and pine nuts and served with roast chicken or fish. However my favourite way to serve it, is in my HOT CHILLI BAKE. I cannot get enough of it at the moment, especially now the cold nights are drawing in. Its simple to make and delicious to eat!



2 Tablespoons of coconut oil

1 large swede

1 carton of chopped tomatoes (400g)

1 Large red onion

1 large red pepper

1 medium courgette

A handful of mushrooms

A big bunch of fresh basil

A tablespoon of dried mixed herbs

Himalayan sea salt and pepper to season

2 generous pinches of hot chilli powder or 1 large fresh chilli (the hotter the better)

2 pints of vegetable stock

Mature cheddar (enough to sprinkle on top of your bake)


Pre-heat your oven to 180c fan assisted/200c/gas mark 6

Firstly, take the skin off the swede and slice into inch thick slices. Fill a large pan with water and bring the swede to the boil. Simmer for about 40 mins or until slightly soft. You don’t want it to break up. Whilst the swede is cooking, chop your onions, pepper, courgette and mushrooms into similar sized small pieces. Heat the coconut oil in a large frying pan or wok and fry off all the veg. Add the herbs,basil and chilli and season well.

After about 5 mins, add the chopped tomatoes and all of the stock. Simmer for about 25 mins. Don’t worry if it seems runny, once in the oven, the swede will soak some of the juice up.

Pour half the sauce in your oven dish and then layer with swede and a little grated cheese. repeat this until the swede runs out. Cover with grated cheese and some of the chilli powder and cook for about 20 mins or until the cheese has gone golden brown.

Serve and enjoy!


All the produce I cook with is organic. I am lucky to be part of an homeEd allotment but organic produce can be found in most supermarkets now and is reasonably priced.

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